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Canal tour, Bangkok
Canal tour

         The Chao Phraya River is regarded as the origin of lives in the past and present of Siam . The river has been known since the era of Ayutthaya, Thonburi to Rattanakosin, and an era nowadays. It is the most important river of Thailand in which it has nourished and brought about prosperity to people and plants which reside both sides of the river. Likewise, the river is also the source of occupation as well as transportation and trade. The river is therefore thought of as a gateway that brings different cultures and civilization into the country.

Visit Bangkok guide : Bangkok Noi and Bangkok Yai Canal tour in Bangkok, Thailand          Bangkok Noi and Bangkok Yai Canals are known as the oldest setting areas of Bangkok. The two rivers are crossed by Chao Phraya River and are located opposite to the Grand Palace. Traveling along the two canals by boat is said to give visitors experience and pleasure more than traveling by automobile or on foot. Actually, Bangkok Noi Canal is original Chao Phraya River whose extent starts from the Bangkok Noi Train Station, merging with the Chao Phraya River at Bangkok Yai Canal.

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          Bangkok Noi Canal was excavated in the era of Ayutthaya so as for it to be connected with the Chao Phraya River. The linkage could shorten traveling routes. After completion, as a result, there have been few people who use this canal as their water-borne transportation and it has become narrow and shallow afterwards. Bangkok Yai area was once a southern province under the governing of Ayutthaya.

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          In 1767, Burmese took over Ayutthaya and used the area as their sea-base. Later on, King Taksin retrieved the nation successfully and established the area as the country's capital.

TravelFloating market on weekend at Taling Chan, Bangkok Yai nad Bangkok Noi canal          Besides Bangkok Yai Canal , another important canal namely Bang Luang canal has also a long history since Ayutthaya. It was excavated a short cut at the narrowest part of the curve of Chao Phraya River (from the mouth of Bangkok Noi to the mouth of Bangkok Yai Rivers) so as to make another water-borne transportation route as well as using it to defend enemies.

          Bang Luang Canal is thus seen as the crossed canal which links Bangkok Noi and Bangkok Yai to become the same water. The canal also benefits communities in this area. It has been used as the route for army and provision as well as trade and international relation since the era of Ayutthaya to Rattanakosin. Along the canal, visitors will find magnificent environment, lifestyle and unchangeable identity of people who live at the riverbanks.

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          When visitors have time to travel along the two canals, they will find that not only are lives and environment found both sides of the canals beautiful but there are also more attractive aspects of nature to be visited.

          Even though many communities reside in the area, the trace of history has not faded away. We can still feel the conventional atmosphere of the area nowadays.

          Bangkok Noi and Bangkok Yai Canals are regarded as the area of settlement for handicraft communities which evacuated from Ayutthaya . The prominent places found around the two canals are temples and ancient architecture and object.